Payment strategy

Payment strategy

We are equally at home in consumer and corporate, retail and wholesale markets and cover all players – banks, payment processors, payment institutions and the software and hardware community that serves them.

Individual banks and clearing and settlement mechanisms

Retail and corporate payments strategy

We assess new technologies and services and their potential impact on a client or industry. Recent projects have looked at SEPA, prepaid cards, EMV, dematerialisation and direct debit mandate management.

Business case development

We combine cost / benefit analyses and scenario modelling to evaluate proposed projects utilizing empirical data and primary research. We have completed business cases for banks, interbank processors, payment associations and technology vendors, basing our work on our deep knowledge of the economics of all primary payment types.

Interbank payment services

Clearing system design and optimization

We optimized a number of interbank payment systems, including benchmarking costs for a European ACH and suggesting product and operational changes to bring costs in line with industry norms.

We analysed the relationship between numerous ACH’s and the underlying central banks, and based on these scenarios, suggested possible system designs for faster clearing and settlement.

We also completed a comprehensive analysis of the relative advantages of multilateral clearing over bilateral clearing for a national payments association.

Settlement, operational and systemic risk management

We evaluate the effects proposed changes to settlement rules will have on risk profiles of settlement members as well as the system as a whole.

Our input was essential in the design of the settlement protocols for the EACHA interoperability framework, which increases the competitiveness for interbank payment processors and choice for banks in SEPA without increasing risk.

Oversight and compliance

We work with banks, processors and technology vendors to assess the impact of legal and regulatory changes on their business and facilitate their compliance processes.

We ran a successful program to establish oversight and settlement relationships for the SEPA clearing of a leading European ACH.