Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

We evaluate markets for both retail and wholesale payment products and services.

Competitive analysis

We directed a market intelligence and strategy team for a leading European ACH assessing their impact on company and product strategy for ACH, cards, ATM, high-value payments, and e-money as well as representing the company’s interests to industry bodies, regulators and central banks.

We analysed opportunities in the German wholesale payments processing market for a leading payments software vendor. We developed and executed an international strategy for a corporate payment workflow management vendor. We continuously provide extended analytical and customer-facing support to a leading industry analysis company.


Comparative Analysis

We conceived and led the Global Payment Systems Analysis (GPSA), a study of 28 low-value payment systems to determine the best practices globally in payment scheme management, processing, settlement, and value-added services. Our follow up study covered 35 payment systems globally.

Conducted analysis of the relationship between same-day or real time payment systems and the underlying central bank settlement systems, including recommendations for how a central bank could be modified to accommodate faster payments.

Surveyed fraud prevention and management solutions in 7 real time payment systems.

Education and training

We provide customised education on payment systems. Recently, we have conducted programmes on SEPA, national clearing systems in Europe, cheque clearing, and prepaid cards.