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Recent Projects

Global Payments Systems Analysis

Completed the landmark Global Payments Systems Analysis, a comparison of the features, functions and plans for 26 payments systems from every continent.

Analysis of settlement systems

Analysis of the relationship between same-day or real time payment systems and the underlying central bank settlement systems, including recommendations for how a settlement system could be modified to accommodate faster payments.

real time payment comparison

Comprehensive view of current real time payment systems and ongoing developments in at least 16 countries

fraud prevention survey

Survey of fraud prevention and management solutions in 7 real time payment systems

real-time payment strategy

Strategy for a real-time payment system operator seeking new market opportunities in multiple geographies

SEPA Market intelligence

Market intelligence of the SEPA region for multiple SEPA ACHs

ACH settlement functionality

Contracting for SEPA ACH settlement functionality at a central bank and arranging cooperative oversight with two other central banks

Payment product strategy

Product strategies for clearing houses and networks to address the evolution of payments given customer needs and market economics