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White Papers

White Papers

Lipis Advisors has conducted in-depth research on a number of pressing issues in the payments industry. These white papers are designed to share some of our findings with a broader audience.

How immediate payments change the game for banks (2015)

Immediate payments are inevitable. As such, banks should focus their thinking on the strategic opportunities and benefits that immediate payment systems provide. This white paper, which was sponsored by ACI, focuses on what banks can do to take advantage of real-time payments. By offering products and services that utilize real-time infrastructures, either on their own or by partnering with non-bank payment providers, banks can meet the growing expectations of consumer and business customers and thereby entrench their role at the center of payments.

Reinventing transaction banking: A white paper for banks and their customers (2016)

Technology has changed consumer and business expectations in payments and transaction banking. Many corporates seek solutions from banks that enable flexibility, speed, and regulatory compliance while remaining scalable and easy to implement. Banks have struggled to meet these needs as they deal with legacy IT systems and ever-changing regulations, particularly banks that operate on a regional or global level. As a technology provider for both banks and corporates, Expertus sponsored the Lipis Advisors white paper “Reinventing Transaction Banking” in order to examine these issues in more detail. The report focuses on the challenges and complex needs of both banks and corporates, and explores the types of solutions that can help banks meet customer needs, protect legacy investment, and comply with regulations while enabling corporates scalability, a more efficient use of working capital, and consolidation of bank products, and easy onboarding.

Immediate payments: How ready is ready? (2016)

As immediate payment systems expand rapidly around the world, much of the focus on real-time by industry stakeholders has been on issues that affect the entire banking community such as posting speed, settlement method, data standards, and risk management. But less has been said about what financial institutions need to do internally to facilitate immediate payments. This paper was sponsored by ACI and relies on case studies from financial institutions that have already implemented immediate payment systems in order to understand the strategic, operational, and technological changes needed to enable end users to send and receive payments in real-time. The focus is on the internal processes and technologies needed to enable immediate payments in order to identify challenges and articulate best practices that banks can follow to prepare for immediate payments and extract the most value out of real-time infrastructures.

Practical innovation using cutting edge technology (2016)

As a global IT and business process services provider, CGI is interested in sponsoring a white paper exploring the role that fintech is having on the payments landscape, with considerable attention paid to the varied uses for distributed ledger/blockchain technology. This white paper series will explore strategies for how banks can modernize to incorporate new technology and use cases into their product offerings and how new players such as fintechs can bridge the gap between new technology and regulatory compliance. By working together with established systems integrators and solution providers that have experience with traditional banking and new technologies, banks and fintechs can collaborate to meet customer expectations while ensuring security and transparency in payments.

Applying cryptotechnologies to trade finance (2016)

Cryptotechnologies have the potential to transform the trade finance industry. With businesses moving toward open account trading and technology enabling more efficient processes and new products, cryptotechnologies could bring value to trade industry stakeholders. This paper was completed as part of the Euro Banking Association’s cryptotechnologies sub-group of the electronic alternative payments working group (e-APWG), and explores concrete use cases for cryptotechnologies in trade finance, as well as the challenges and benefits these technologies could bring to banks, businesses, and other participants in the trade value chain.

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How immediate payments change the game for banks

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Practical innovation using cutting edge technology

Applying cryptotechnologies to trade finance