Reinventing Transaction Banking white paper released

March 30, 2016

Technology has changed consumer and business expectations in payments and transaction banking. Many corporates seek solutions from banks that enable flexibility, speed, and regulatory compliance while remaining scalable and easy to implement. Banks have struggled to meet these needs as they deal with legacy IT systems and ever-changing regulations, particularly banks that operate on a regional or global level. As a technology provider for both banks and corporates, Expertus sponsored the Lipis Advisors white paper “Reinventing Transaction Banking” in order to examine these issues in more detail. The report focuses on the challenges and complex needs of both banks and corporates, and explores the types of solutions that can help banks meet customer needs, protect legacy investment, and comply with regulations while enabling corporates scalability, a more efficient use of working capital, and consolidation of bank products, and easy onboarding. As payments evolve, businesses and banks must evolve as well. This evolution will be the key to enabling the future of payments.

To read the white paper, please click here.