Instapay interview featuring Leo Lipis

November 15, 2016

The UK-based website, Instapay, an intelligence hub for real-time industry stakeholders recently released an interview with our CEO Leo Lipis, who sits on the Instapay advisory board. Leo spoke with Instapay editor Mark McMurtrie about a range of topics related to real-time payments including pricing strategies, and expected changes to the market. Among insights shared in the interview, Leo spoke thoughtfully about real-time adoption. Leo commented, “I think real-time is progressing well. There are times when I wish adoption were faster, but I realize that these things take time. Schemes need to be developed, business cases have to be made, systems have to be built, propositions have to be sold, and user habits have to change. That does not happen overnight.” For more real-time insights from Lipis Advisors, check out the full interview.