GPSA 2014

GPSA 2014

2014 Global Payment System Analysis completed

Lipis Advisors is pleased to announce the completion of the 2014 Global Payment System Analysis (GPSA). The follow-up study to the landmark 2012 report examines a wide range of payment systems at an unequaled level of breadth and depth. The GPSA investigates the rules and functions governing payment systems, highlighting specific attributes and trends within the context of global practices.

The analysis covered in the 2014 GPSA represents the most thorough study of payment systems to date. Nearly 2000 data points were collected. The GPSA uncovers substantial detail about the motivation and justification behind payment system designs and plans. The 2014 GPSA examined 46 clearings in 37 payment systems across 31 geographies. It  combines extensive desk research, interviews and survey results to create an invaluable resource for banks, payment associations and technology vendors.

Instructions: To receive a public summary of the 2014 GPSA, please fill out the request form with your name and email address. Lipis Advisors will send the document to you via email.

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