Father and son discuss the history and future of the ACH

April 28, 2016

Phoenix clip



On April 20th, two payments experts took the stage at the NACHA conference in Phoenix. They happened to both have the same last name. Dr. Lipis was the owner and CEO of Global Concepts before he sold the company to McKinsey & Company. Through more than forty years of consulting to the financial industry, Dr. Lipis has been instrumental in fostering new banking products and technologies in e-commerce and Internet banking, retail banking, cash management, credit cards and debit cards, ATM services and systems, home banking, automated clearing houses, and check processing.

Dr. Lipis was joined by his son Leo, also Dr. Lipis, and also the owner and CEO of a payments consulting company. Leo spoke in detail about the link¬†between the era of his father’s involvement in ACH and the future of payments. Topics explored ranged from technological adoption patterns, the best way to develop a business case for the modernization and further development of payments infrastructure, and the role that banks play in shaping the payments landscape.

The first ever father & son presentation at Payments drew a large crowd and captured over 60 years of insight.